Fair – Trade Policy

At Fash N More, we share a strong bond with our communities who resonate our same values and vision for the company and line of products that we offer. By consistent collaboration with the same group of dedicated artisans from all over India, we are able to continue providing steady employment.

Production Process 

We have tie ups with fair trade co-operatives & small-scale independent weavers, artisans and workshops such as block printing, embroidery and hand weaving studios, allowing our collection to be truly unique by through love, attention to detail and care. We promote hand crafted products because they help our team of artisans to be self-sufficient and independent while also valuing their families economical and overall well-being. The intent is to acknowledge their skill and talent as many are unfortunately struggling with income and employment.  



We operate with fair working hours and wages at our company, including fair over-time. Under no condition is a worker given more than 54 hours of work in week. The minimum wage of any employee at our company is above the local labor law requirement. We are strongly against and never allow child labor or forced labor at our company or the supply chain that we procure our supplies from. Discrimination of any form is banned - be it hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual, orientation, union membership, political affiliation, HIV/Aids status or age at our company.

We believe and promote that women all over the world need to be economically independent and in order to support them, there is no kind of discrimination in wages or work allotment due to gender bias.

Our team at Fash N More supervises every step in crafting the perfect garment through routine check-ups at our supplier’s facilities. We always try to make a better working environment for our community members who lack resources and funding while giving them proper guidelines regarding our Fair-Trade Policy.



We believe in utilizing our extra material in two ways. We either reuse them by upcycling the fabric or we donate them to those in need. We have close tie-ups with trusted colleagues in Indian Villages and happily distribute our clothing to people in need. We upcycle each and every inch of fabric by making patch work shawls or fabrics which are 100% handmade and unique. This not only provides our team with work and fair wages, but it also supports keeping our environment healthy by reducing waste. 

Fash N More Step to Reduce Carbon Footprint

The environment is a top priority when manufacturing our pieces. Sustainable and recycled products have helped cut down our carbon footprint as each new garment is created. We source our raw materials locally & use dyeing and printing methods which reduce the amount of energy and natural resources required to ensure that we are paving way for a better future for all. Our goal is to work only on recycled and sustainable products as soon as possible in the near future.


Our online order packaging is made from 100% natural fabrics and is completely biodegradable. Our packing bags are made in a way that can be reusable to reduce any further waste.