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With Fash 'N' More, you can create custom clothes using your own measurement. Select existing designs here, created by our independent designers and customize your clothing with ease . We have a full range of Personalized apparel. Using exclusive patterns that have been designed in house.
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Most of our apparel is made from 100%Linen and 100%Cotton. We also have 100% organic linen available, GOTs certified. We also have 100% Cotton organic fabric available, GOTs certified. We have all the recyclable fabric on demand. We can completely customize the garments taking care of nature and environment Eco-friendly. We have all range of Sustainable fabrics, Recyclable fabrics. You can choose your own color and fabric material.
Custom Clothing fits best when you provide accurate body measurements. 
The most important thing you can do to ensure a perfect fit. It’s not hard at all, but a lot of women are nervous about it the first time! You can do many of the measurements yourself. 
You don’t need every metric for every item we sell, but it’s worth having a comprehensive profile to make things easier to shop. Use the guide below, so you can write down measurements .

Comprehensive List of Body Measurements for Custom Clothing:


Measure yourself in flats or barefoot. You can enter partial units such as .5 in or .1 cm.

Typical Dress Size
This helps us identify the starting pattern we’ll adjust.

Typical Pant Size
This helps us identify the starting pattern we’ll adjust.

If you put your arms down and bend at your elbows, where your elbow bends is your natural waist. It is also the narrowest point on your torso. Stand tall and natural. If you are round-shaped or have 'rolls', do not suck them in.

Total Bust
Take a 360° measurement at the widest point of your bust. Measure with your arms down rather than out to the side. Note: The nipples are not always the widest point of every woman’s bust.

Highest Point of Hips
Measure approximately 3’’ below your waist, at the top point of your hip. Take a 360° measurement, with your feet together.

Widest Point of Hips
Measure approximately 8’’ below your waist, at the widest point of your hips (and generally your booty). Take a 360° measurement, with your feet together.

Single Thigh
Wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your thigh, with legs straight. This should be right under your booty. Take a 360° measurement.

Widest Point of Upper Arm
Take a 360° measurement of the widest part of your upper arm. Flex or bend your arm if you want a looser fit. Otherwise, leave your arm outstretched.

Neck to Sleeve Length
Start at the middle of the back of your neck. Measure to your shoulder bone, then down to your wrist. Let your arm hang down naturally. This is for most shirts and dresses. If you are measuring for a suit jacket, ask your designer to add 2 inches (4 cm) or preferred length for suit sleeve.

Shoulder to Shoulder (Back)
Measure from one shoulder bone to the other across the back of your neck. If you have trouble figuring out where your shoulder tips are, find anything you own that fits you well and has both a collar and a sleeve and measure its shoulder length.

Inseam to Ankle
Measure inside the top of the leg to ankle bone

Take a 360° measurement at base of your neck.

Send us your measurement and design details here .  
Garments may take 1-3 weeks for creation and shipping,depending on the complexity of the garment. Customize garment will be not returned as  it's completely made-to-measure and made-to-order. Please remember : this is not fast fashion, it's completely made-to-measure and made-to-order, meaning that a brand new article of clothing is created from scratch exactly to fit you. It didn't exist in a warehouse somewhere before you ordered it.